About us

Founded in 1932, Varisco S.r.l. establishes an international reputation for the design and production of highly reliable pumps for the treatment of fluids in the industrial, purification and management sector for abrasive fluids and those with suspended solids.

Varisco specialises in the construction of self-priming centrifugal pumps with semi-open impellers and volumetric pumps – especially with internal gears – for high viscosity fluids. The offer is completed with fire prevention units in accordance with EN 12845 in various set-ups.

The people who work and collaborate with Varisco, technicians and specialised professionals, are our most important resource. The success achieved in a highly competitive market is the result of great teamwork, via synergies between internal skills and experience in the field. This approach allows us to provide our customers with effective services and specific assistance during the selection, installation and maintenance of the best application solution through our network of commercial and service partners.

The production plant is located in Padua, where the pumps are designed and tested at the internal Research and Development Centre.

Varisco dedicates considerable resources to remain at the forefront of pumping technology, in particular through a special Research and Development Centre located in an exclusive three-storey building, adjoining the factory. The core of the R&D Centre consists of the pump testing laboratory, which is split into two distinct areas: “water” for rotodynamic pumps and “oil” for volumetric pumps.

When the ideas of our technicians prove their validity in the real world, they turn into a wealth of knowledge and technology available to all the clients who purchase Varisco machines.


Varisco’s success is a result of strategic decisions made each day. Having quality management systems capable of reducing company complexity and certifying the processing quality, respect for the environment and the safety and health of workers is a top priority.