Increasingly widespread awareness about environmental issues has encouraged en-terprises to design and install technical process plants that conform to the most recent health and accident prevention standards. Certain of the national and international standards, such as ATEX 94/9, make these requirements even more stringent. This is why VARISCO decided to develop magnetic drive pumps.


Up to 82 m3/h


Up to 100 mm

Standard construction materials

Magnetic joint construction materials: samarium cobalt magnets internal shaft in stainless steel with ceramic coating bushings in tungsten carbide or bronze stainless steel glass


20 - 20.000 [mm2/s - cSt]


Up to 12 bar


Up to 200°C

  • No leakage due to the absence of contact between the motor shaft and the pumped liquid.
  • High resistance to corrosion thanks to the samarium cobalt magnets for high temperatures
  • Force transmission with no leaks
  • Extremely simple replacement with reduced downtime
  • Easier maintenance with respect to versions with mechanical seal
SAXMAG… VE… BP – Base and joint
SAXMAG… VS – Bare shaft

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