Varisco celebrated its 90th anniversary

On Thursday 15 September 2022, Varisco celebrated its 90th anniversary with its business partners and its colleagues from other Customer Centres and from the Power and Flow division in a stunning location, namely, the Castello del Catajo in the province of Padua.


‘Varisco90 was an important event for us as we celebrated our company’s 90th anniversary: it was an opportunity for us to get together with our partners and dealers and strengthen our relationship with them.

We were really pleased that our partners from afar were able to come all the way to Padua and take an active part in the event. While visiting the factory, which has been fully refurbished, they noticed that the company has recently invested in expertise and in recruiting young people in its Customer Centre team, and were impressed by the major changes and innovations implemented since joining the Atlas Copco group.

The aim of this event was to celebrate the remarkable milestone we have achieved with the help of our colleagues, by drawing on their technical and professional skills, and especially with the help of all the partners who attended. Through their efforts, trust, great cooperation, and input, we have been able to promote the Varisco brand worldwide, setting up a solid and established market beyond national borders in almost 100 countries across the world. So we wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you to all of them.’

Massimo Scapolo, General Manager of Varisco’s Customer Centre


This event also provided an opportunity to build on relationships spanning over a decade with key partners and trusted collaborators. Axel Guddas, the newly appointed General Manager of the Product Company Varisco, stressed the fact that the factory constantly strives to improve and to meet market demands as efficiently and reliably as possible for all parties involved.

Throughout the evening, an award was handed out to a number of business partners as a way of certifying their loyalty to the company for over “40 years of continuous partnership” and for their dedication to promoting the brand, which was instrumental in allowing the company to mark its 90th anniversary.