Varisco celebrates the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua

To join the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua, Varisco supported the publication of the book "Padova" of the Grand Tour series by Edizioni Chartesia and dedicated to its city of origin, its artworks and history.

Padua is among the most important testimonies of the history of our country, thanks to its cultural sites, its productive initiatives, and its university, which celebrates eight hundred years in 2022. Eminent figures such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Carlo Goldoni, and Ugo Foscolo entered its classrooms, revolutionizing the thought of their times. This mission continues with the training of young minds from all over the world, confirming the international excellence of the University of Padua.


Varisco originates in this wonderful city, becoming an integral part of the territory over the years. The entrepreneurial and revolutionary nature of the environment, combined with the morphological characteristics of our territory marked by rivers and streams, was decisive for cultivating the ideas that have made our company among the world’s best and a center of competence for hydraulic pumps. We therefore decided to celebrate Padua by actively supporting the publication of this volume with our small contribution.

After graduating, brilliant and ambitious minds choose our company together with the Atlas Copco industrial group to which we belong today, to continue their professional career, contributing to the development of new engineering solutions.

The eight hundred years of history of the University of Padua coincide with our great pride, the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Varisco: two important events that mark the historical and cultural value of our origins on one hand, and the important milestone reached as a Paduan company by all those who contributed to it on the other hand. Drawing on talents and skills from the university, year after year Varisco has consolidated its bond with the city of Padua, which we are happy to honor today for its beauty, for its citizens and for our history.