Varisco pumps in powder detergent production

Varisco's V internal gear pumps and J self-priming centrifugal pumps can be used within the detergent powder production cycle to handle very abrasive slurry with high viscosity and for washing tanks and production lines, respectively.

Application and type of fluid pumped

How is powder detergent produced?

The production process of powder detergents involves the formulation of slurries (suspension of powders and solids in a liquid).
Detergent slurry is an aqueous solution of active substance, produced by neutralising sulphonic acid with caustic soda and adding sodium silicate, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate and zeolite.
Within a reactor, the correct mixing takes place; this is followed by hydration, filtration and homogenisation steps that return a semi-finished product of homogeneous grain size to be dried.
Drying takes place by high-pressure transfer, by means of a piston pump, to a spray tower where, through suitable nozzles, the slurry is atomised and subsequently dried by forced ventilation from below with air superheated by burners dedicated to the purpose.
The result is the production of dried 'hollow beads' that are then sieved to ensure a suitable and uniform grain size.
Subsequently, the product will be additivated (post additivation) with perfumes, flavourings, soap flakes or other to obtain the finished product according to customised formulations.

Varisco electric pumps for powder detergent production

Varisco has collaborated with a well-known company in the sector active in the production of powder detergents for the inclusion of:

Varisco V 200 SPK internal gear volumetric pumps

made of AISI 316 stainless steel treated to handle very abrasive slurry with high viscosity (50,000 / 100,000 cSt) bearing in mind the following plant requirements:

  • Installation under homogeniser for constant pressure (usually 3 bar) supply of the piston pump serving the drying tower.
  • Very low rotational speed (30 - 55 rpm)
  • PLC control via pressure transducer (RPM variation - flow rate with pressure set point)
  • Suction system with very low NPSHd

Self-priming centrifugal pumps JE 4-250 K10 ST20 BASE

in stainless steel AISI 316 - PTFE used for washing and rinsing tanks and lines of detergent slurry mixtures; viscosity of pumped fluid approx. 50 cSt and with the presence of residues or suspended solids with a maximum diameter of 45 mm.

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