Why Varisco ST-R’s are the perfect sewage pump

The ST-R self-priming sewage pumps are specifically designed for delivering large solid particles with a diameter up to 76 mm and fiber impurities, with advantages of good self-priming performance, high sewage capacity, high efficiency, convenient usage and maintenance.

This pump is mostly suitable for pumping the sewage directly by installing the pump on the surface and not in the water. If the sewage is corrosive, then we can choose stainless steel fitted version. The biggest highlight of ST-R pump is the combination of excellent self-priming performance and non-clogging sewage discharge.

The ST-R self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed to facilitate unclogging operations and ensure easy maintenance in the field and high levels of reliability.

The front inspection cover can be used to access all internal parts without disconnecting the pipes and without removing the pump from the installation.

Varisco ST-R self-priming sewage pumps are widely used in municipal sewage project, paper making, weaving, foodstuff, chemical industry, power industry, chemical medium, slurries and mixed suspension.

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